Golden paints on sale!

Just wanted to let y’all know golden paints are on sale for buy one get one 50% off at michaels!! I know it’s not a ton but it’s still something!


Thanks for the heads up!

Which ones should I order? Is there a list?

@Mommarobin Here’s what I own!!
Quinicridone violet (perfect crease color)
primary cyan (veins and blue undertones on pale babies, cyan is technically not blue, but is a true primary color)
primary magenta (better than red and a true primary, ever wondered why reds mix funny?)
primary yellow
yellow ochre (yellow undertones)
alazarian crimson hue (darker crease color!)
carbon black
I prefer titanium white to zinc white
titan buff (nail tips)
burnt umber light
burnt sienna
phthalo blue (red shade, I don’t like the green And it’s a dark blue)
and I just picked up titan green pale for mint washes.

You can see real swatches of each color on the golden acrylics website. I use the fluid acrylics. Also matte medium, satin glazing liquid, and airbrush medium are all really helpful!

Do You use glazing medium for glossing?

I use the satin medium! I like satin more than gloss personally for things!