Golden open acrylics


Just a general question, while looking thru Michaels today(sale going on ladies)I came across Golden Open acrylics. I was just wondering if they would be an option to use. It says they have a longer working time. I’m not adding anymore paint to my collection but I don’t think i ever heard any talk about using these. Maybe @anjsmiles or @jeanhai might have some intel. thanks.


I have not used them. Melissa Geoge is using Golden Acrylics but I am not sure exactly which ones yet. I just joined her Patreon Page this morning at the $9 level so I have been reading through some of the .pdf files. I don’t get access to actual tutorials at that level.


What do you mean you don’t get access to her tutorials. I’m paying $9 a month and I can see all videos and read all PDF files. And she’s quick to respond if you send her a message.


I haven’t used them, either. I, like you, don’t want to add any more paints to my collection until I use up what I have. It’s probably going to be a loooong time. lol


I can see the .pdf files but the links underneath each one of the .pdf
where it says tutorials and guides seems to be locked.
When I click on that nothing happens.


That’s weird. You should message her. :confused:


I think maybe what I am looking at is not a file but maybe just a tag notation that is showing underneath each .pdf file. I figured out how to get to the weekly video now.


Yay! You’re gonna enjoy her videos. She shares sooo much info. :slight_smile:


I’ve never used them for reborning, but I have for painting. They stay wet for a lot longer than regular acrylics. So the benefit is longer open time without adding retarder- which risks loss of adhesion (you’d counteract that by also adding a medium). In painting it’s great because your paints can remain bright, vibrant, and opaque since you don’t have to add those clear extras which increase transparency. But of course for reborning we want them transparent :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I would imagine they’d be good for those who like the working characteristics of GHSP-- but they might dry too slowly for those used to regular acrylics? You’d probably have to work on a few dolls at a time because each later would take a while to dry. But you’d have a lot more time to correct mistakes and blend.

I’m curious to know how they work for reborning as well!


From what I gather, the fluid acrylics are the most preferred for reborn doll painting.
I have purchased a set of the Golden Fluid Acrylics long ago but still have yet to actually use them
because along the same time I was privileged to work with the RebornFX paints and have been
focused on them for the last year and 3 mos. That is why I now joined MG Dolls Patreon page, was to
read up on what is being done with the Golden Paints now so that I do not have to figure out so much myself.


How long does it take to dry on a canevas ? Oil can take a few days, is it the same ?

If so it can be a real challenge for reborning !


Yes @anjsmiles that is just the tag lines you are referring to. She has only posted the one “tutorial” for how to make the multiple needle tools. All the videos so far have been showing how she paints but not an actual tutorial. As she gains more patreon supporters(allowing her to upgrade her recording set up to show everything from all angles) she said she will begin working on adding more in depth tutorials. At $9 you have access to everything she posts you just dont get the skype one on one calls.
And she uses Golden Fluid Acrylics. Not sure about the open acrylics. I would think they would take far too long to cure :frowning:


It depends on the thickness of the paint, but using thin-ish layers it usually takes around 2 hours. So not nearly as long as oil, but still a lot longer than the 15 minutes of regular acrylics. You do have to wait a month or more for it to cure before varnishing.

Here’s a whole bunch of info from Golden:


Thanks! I think I will try it on a test limb, it seem interresting.


Yea, that month or more before you can varnish would kill any notions of it for me.


Went to Michael’s and saw new golden products coming in, both in GAC and open, just peeked my curiosity. (Which I really don’t need). I thought it would be similar to an air dry genesis concept. particularly for painting hair.Never used heat set and when reading tutorials about layer, flash,layer again. blot or sponge to blend and soften lines,mess up-wipe off. etc, that would be nice to do with air dry, which I don’t think is equally possible. I am a more trial by error type of person, so I could be wrong. I have come across some people that use both in layers. I’ll check out the link thanks.


I use a good bit of Retarder in the mix when I paint hair and I add some Emulsion in as well to offset the lack of binders in the mix. This gives me the working time I need to paint the hair before it starts to set. I quick dry it with a hair dryer when I like what I have painted and want to set it before moving on.