Going out of Business Sale-New Listings


Awwww, thank you :slight_smile:


What’s your new hobby going to be [quote=“ritab, post:49, topic:67004”]


I am going to try my hand at Fluid Art using acrylics and resin. I discovered it on youtube . It requires lots of sheeting to cover things in the room to keep from getting paint all over everything but the results are beautiful. Thanks for asking.


That’s cool I just checked it out on YouTube


Can I get the Grandma and Grandpa kits please? PM my info.


So lucky! I love those!!!


I got my kits in today! Thank you so much :slight_smile:


So glad they arrived safely. Many thanks. You have helped me make room for a new hobby.


Do you have anything left?


Yes, except Georgia and Maria the 2 Cradle kits.


Can you pm me a picture of Natalie with the body slip please?


I’ may be interested in the Elizabeth kit is it the to to Evlyne with her eyes open?


You might have me mixed up with another seller because I have no Elizabeth kit for sale. Sorry.


I just picked my Lilli Marlaine up from the post office. Oh my goodness! She’s so precious! Thanks for sending her so fast. :heart:


So glad she arrived safely. Enjoy.


Sorry I though that was what this was??


Can you send me the tracking number for mines


@ritab do you have a tracking number yet for Mary Ann? I’m not in a huge hurry, I just need to know when to go to the post office. :wink:


Check your email. I sent arrival date and tracking info yesterday. Let me know.


I don’t see it. I searched for the email address you used to send the tracking info for Lilli Marlaine. I also searched random words like shipping and doll. It didn’t appear in any of the folders.