Going out of Business Sale-New Listings


New listing is available now.


Would you split up the quads? Thanks!


Do you still have Mary Ann? I want her if you do. :heart:️️


No, I won’t split them.


She is yours!!! Invoice on the way.


Okay. Thank you


I don’t see the invoice yet. I’ll watch for it for a little bit. Then I have to go to bed. If I don’t get it tonight, I’ll check for it first thing in the morning. :slight_smile:


It must have come through right when I was typing that. I got it and paid it. I’m so excited about this precious kits I’m getting from you. I hope you enjoy your retirement. Thanks for sharing your treasures with us. :slight_smile:


I will also have, at a later date, mohair, eyes, eyelashes, paints, clothes and who knows what else. I am just happy that someone wants the stuff. I am ready for a new hobby and need the room for it.


Did anyone help you with pm’s?


Click on your R Icon on the right, then click on the little envelope and start typing the letters of the person you are trying to pm :grinning:


I just noticed you have Rieke but no price on that one. Is she available?


Oh. Now I see the price. On my tiny phone it moved it to the next line. :wink:
If Rieke is still available can I get her and have you send her with Mary Ann?


I’m so confused.:worried: Is the “r” only on certain devices. I don’t have one. I have to click on the flag and choose the option to private message.


R is her icon for her name!


So sorry but Rieke has sold.


Lawdy!!! Got it!!!:crazy_face::nerd_face::rofl:


Lol I am not good at explaining!


Dang I should have stayed up a bit longer :frowning: lol missed the good ones


Actually you did a very good job explaining.