Going out of Business Sale-New Listings


@ritab can you just invoice me for Lilli Marlaine and let @AmandasBabies have Abigail please? I know I sound confusing. I asked for Abigail in the comments. Then I sent a message saying i would rather have Lilli Marlaine if you don’t want to ship her overseas. I would love to have both. But I really only “need” one. :wink:


Thanks I preferred Abigail I love Lili but not sure I could get her assembled correctly lol


So I would like Greta and Abigail. I will pm you my paypal address.





What is still available?


I will update the listing in just a moment.


I paid the invoice for both :slight_smile: Thanks!


Thank you. I will let you know when they ship and when they will arrive.


True. I think it’s a man for some reason.


Wrong post? :slight_smile:


@DancesWithDolls do you need a Jarome? I know you and one other member here loves his sculpt I can’t remember the other person I am thinking maybe @Sony72 Anyways just tagging in case.


I am interested in knowing what other kits you have! PM me when you get a chance!




Check your email for the info you asked for.


When did you send the email I am not finding anything?


I sent it today to amandaderrick@hotmail.com.


What’s your email so I can try and do a search because I am not seeing it even in the Junk folder. I have pretty high security so if it looks like junk sometimes it just gets blocked.




Thanks the search worked. It was blocked just as I thought. Thank you again I will let you know when they come in :slight_smile:


So glad you found it. Would you please help an old lady and tell me how PM works. Is the message seen only by me, is my reply seen only by the person, and where do I find the PM’s. I have more listings to add and would like to have all replies being PM to me so I don’t have to look for postings in the forum. Sorry if this makes no sense but that’s the best explanation I have.