GoFundMe for service dog, help


Hi Ladies, (and men, if there are men here.)

So for the last few months I’ve been working on selling some reborns to fund my need for a service dog, and I’m still working hard at trying to earn the money myself, but as days go on, I find myself feeling like I need to simply ask for help
Below is my GoFundMe link. It includes all the info about my disability and reason for the service dog.

If you could share, that would be wonderful
If this is not appropriate please let me know and I will delete the post.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post.


Wishing you the best doggy ever! xoxox


I wish you all the best! :heart:


Thank you so much ladies. :heart:


I wanted to thank you ladies who have shared my fundraiser. I’m not sure what will come of it. But I have had some interest in my dolls on Etsy. None sold yet but if/when they do I will subtract it from the GoFundMe amount to reflect what I have raised on my own.

Thanks again. :heart:


Bump one last time. :smile: I’m deactivating at the end of the week. Going to see if I can just hold out and wait for dolls to sell. :gift_heart:


Bumping. I’m working on dolls around the clock and have 800$ toward my dog so far. (Etsy fees hit me hard since I lowered the dolls to move them out)

Hoping for a puppy from the summer litter. I need 1000$ to have the full amount. 1800$ total.

Any help. Even just sharing. Would mean so much


Don’t have any money to donate but I shared it on Facebook. Good luck.