Glue on eye

I had to touch up an eyelash after the doll was complete and got super glue on the eye. The eye now has a hazy film over it. Can anyone tell me how to remove the super glue?

I don’t know how to remove super glue, but I would like to recommend eyelash glue from McPherson. It very easy to clean after 24h cure.


This happened to me a few years ago. I had to replace the eyes.

Use small about of Goof Off adhesive removal. I use professional super gel remover.

Are the eyes acrylic or glass?

I know someone that glossed her eyes and then she said the glue was not visible anymore. Never actually saw it so just going by what she told me. Just a thought

I stopped applying lashes after too many ruined eye mishaps. I never found a real solution to glue on the eyeball no matter what tricks of the trade I was given!

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I glue the lashes to the eyelid before I put the eyes in (has to be done from the back).


I put my lashes in place, usually a little under the vinyl. Then i take Minwax polyacrylic with my brush and add about two or three droplets on the eye. With a smaller brush, I push the polyacrylic up along the edge of the lash and then smooth it out over the eye. Let dry. I test the lash after it’s dry. I add more if it’s not totally secure.


Where do you get the professional super gel remover?

Does it make a very strong bond for the eyelashes?

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Yes, I think so. I have no complains.

Lowe’s or Walmart