Glue all over her head..magnets


Ahhh well that’s why. Would hot glue work?


I don’t know. I think you have to use a silicone glue. It might be called silicone caulking. I use E6000 for the ones that are a hard plastic and it works fine. I’ll check the name of the stuff I used for the silicone ones.


It’s this one.


I take an Exacto knife and cut a little dip down in the pacifier so that the magnet sits a little flatter too and put moleskin over the magnet after it dries.


I use a hot glue gun to set the magnet to the pacifier and put cloth over it. I also cut the pacifier so the magnet sets flush. Then i put the e600 on the magnet for inside. I hold the paci where i want it and hold the magnet close and it drops onto the paci magnet. I then put cloth over that magnet also. I put the head up and let dry for at least 24 hours.


I remember when I first got these kind and I glued the magnet to where the nipple should be. :joy_cat::joy_cat: Ya Love ya learn


I know :wink:

I have added outer magnets to a few due to the lips of the kit not sitting well. I did it for Shyann and for Tamino


Once I determine where the magnet needs to go on the pacifier in order to fit properly (it’s not always in the middle) I super glue the magnet and, when it’s dry, cover it with moleskin. Then I put a blob of glue (I use Aleene’s Tacky Glue for this) inside the head over the back of the mouth, put the pacifier in place on the front of the mouth and let it dry. I usually cover the inside magnet with more glue. When it’s dry, if I can reach it, I cover it with moleskin.
If it’s a baby with a receding lower lip so the pacifier doesn’t sit straight (Max) I glue a piece of foam board the size of the magnet below the magnet and cover everything with moleskin. Saves on magnets and lots cheaper.


I have heard silicone will react with vinyl over time. I am not sure that is a good idea. I use e-6000 a small glob on a long stick. I stick it to the magnet and put it inside the mouth area quick. I also hold another magnet or paci to the outside. Once the e-6000 is temporarily holding the magnet in place, I pour in whichever glue is around, gem-tack, or modge podge to reinforce it. This is after I have put the modge podge in to do my hair and eyelashes twice. I use a neck pillow to keep the baby in position with the pacifier on the outside of the lips so that it will stay in position. Recheck it before letting it dry face down in your pillow to keep the glue on the magnet. (The e-6000 is like just a temporary holding dot for me. The real glue to keep the magnet in with is the gem-tac which needs to dry for 24 hours.

To get a magnet to stick to your pacifier, clip the nipple off down to the base of it with your scissors in a clean manner, then put the magnet to your dolls lips and let it connect with the magnet inside the head. Take a sharpie and carefully dot the magnet side facing up. Then remove the magnet, put it dot down into the hot glue (don’t burn yourself) in the center of the pacifier, add a bit more hot glue on and around the magnet, then gluing a small circular swatch of fabric over the magnet to the pacifier so that it protects the lips. In a few seconds when it cools you have a perfectly great pacifier for your reborns.


I heard silicone and vinyl aren’t suppose to touch. I use silicone sealant on a silicone pacifiern not inside the head. I must have misunderstood. I thought she was saying her magnet wouldn’t glue to the pacifier. Sorry.