Glue all over her head..magnets


I have three thumbs…Olive is varnished and I cannot glue magnets on her paci and inside her mouth…but there’s Plenty of glue on her hair and mouth…ugh I’ve given up :frowning:


this is how I do it… hope it can help.hold head face down… drop a magnet in. take another magnet and hold it outside her mouth. The magnets will find each other. take an old paintbrush, and drop a wad of glue inside, on top of the magnet, and put the head (facedown with the both magnets) in a wide glass and let dry. after it is dry, peel the outside magnet off,and glue to pacifier, with a little square of white fabric on top… so magnet doesn’t touch the lips ever
hope this helps


I need to try this!


I always put a pacifier with a magnet already glued on up to their mouth and pour a little glue inside where the mouth is and then drop a magnet into it. The magnet hits the right spot if you have the pacifier in place. Then pour a little glue on top of the inside magnet. Sit the head face down in a small bowl and let it dry.


Thank you both! This is very helpful. I’m using e6000 and can’t seem to get the magnet to stick to the paci…I cut the nipple off of course lol


that’s another reason for the little white cloth. it holds that magnet on the pacifier while it drys


oh, and I prop the pacifier too, while it dries. they are slippery and a pain in the neck , JMO lol


LOL TY so much! :slight_smile:


Honey bug pacifiers cost more but have internal magnets that do not need glued in


Wait, which ones are these? I bought some from Macphereson that do not have a magnet.


If you’re trying to use E6000 on a silicone pacifier, it won’t stick.


She probably just doesnt supply the magnet already in. (@JillianJade always has for me)
In that case you just pop the handle off and insert the right sized magnet. Then pop the handle back on.


LOL, is it the pacifiers with the bees on it? I am not sure. I bought some and I bought regular ones. I struggled to take the pacifier apart on some of the cute clear ones I bought at Walmart that were a little more expensive. I gave.


These all pop open




I use Honeybug too. When I don’t I use Moleskin over the magnet inside the mouth to add extra security and over the magnet on the paci.


Ok, I have vintage cream. I didn’t know it opened!!!


So I use Liquitex matte gel to glue the hair and magnet inside the head. I use a q-tip to put a glob of glue where the magnet goes. I then put a magnetic pacifier on the face and the magnet inside lines up, I make sure the pacifier sits right and I leave it over night.

If I am not using a honeybug pacifier I use hot glue to glue the magnet to the pacifier then I cover it with a circle of moleskin


I did not know it opened up!!! I did it all wrong!


Oh no, I hope you can fix it!


YES! Bees, bears and bunnies. :frowning: