Glue accident


I finally finished Saskia all put together then dropped some PVA glue on her face I tried to wipe it off but it has left a very thin shiny streak across her cheek. Is there any way I can get it off without damaging the paint (Genesis) as I gave someone who has reserved her but she doesn’t know about the glue yet.


You could try hot water sometimes if the water is warm enough it will break the glue down enough to wipe off.


Thank you, I am away from home at the moment, very frustrating but as soon as I get home I will try that.


Did it work? Just curious. :blush:


I won’t be home until after the weekend but will post again to say if it was successful.


Just keep wiping it very gently with water. Do not rub it too much all it will leave shine, but you can always go over it with the matte air dry varnish. Americana DecoArt or similar.


Trying to remove the glue with water didn’t work unfortunately. I have used a matt finish over the area instead.