Glass Eyes Off Ebay

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I bought these Glass Eyes of Ebay, they arrived as shown in photo, all the backs broken, I questioned the seller and she told me the supplier said they come like that, I have never bought glass eyes before, would you put them in your reborn, am I over reacting … s008-1.jpg

Julie, I have glass eyes and believe, me hon they don’t come like that! She should have shown a side view of the eyes and back photo. They are fragile and have like a tip on the back of the eyes that is probably where they are *hand blown ( meaning an instrument was used to blow air into the glass to form the eye ). I think youmay have got a pair that were damaged in shipment or bought like that from the person who sold them. I would return them and look for a reputable seller. They usually (like mine) come packed in a foam square for protection and packed in a hard box.

Thank’s Diane,

at least I know now I am not overeacting, I was so dissapointed with them as I bought 3 pair and they are all damaged at the back, will contact the seller tomorrow and see what happen’s, at least I paid with Pay Pal so will be covered

hug’s Julie

I have one beautiful hand blown pair of glass eyes. They are completely round and are as described, they have a little stem in the back. I received them in perfect condition, but do you have any tips on inserting them correctly. I haven’t used them yet because I want to use them on a special doll but how are they seated and glued in place. Thanks for any help on this.

There isn’t an easy way that I know of. We were just talking about this in a class I’m taking. I am hoping that someone will tell of a good way to insert them. I have put one pair in and what I did was put them in from the inside of the head by cutting an X in the vinyl behind the eye area. Some sculpts already have a little hole in the eye socket for this type of eye. It just depends on how the pouch behind the eye is made (smooth or with the little tunnel out the back like the eyeball is shaped. I just bought a sculpt that has this type of eye socket.

  • The X mark lets you open the back and slide your eye in and the flaps will close back over the eye allowing the tip on your glass eyes to stick out the back freely. When you get the eyes set right to suit you glue the back vinyl slits covering your eyes with E-6000 glue. It isn’t easy for sure and I did hold the back open by using my fan-brush and inserting it through the front of the eye hole. Then back through the back of the eye to hold it open enough to place the glass eyes in the sockets. I hope you understand this It’s hard to describe to someone. The Glass eyes were not made for vinyl dolls but for porcelain dolls, and are put in quite differently, as far as I know. If I can find out a better way I will definitely post it on the Tutorial section of this forum OK…

P.S. It takes a lot of patience and holding your tongue just right!!!

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Thank you. Sounds like great advice. If I can find a good way I’ll be sure and post it also. I didn’t know the glass eyes were made for porcelain dolls. I wish someone would make them in the same shape as the polymer eyes. There are glass oval eyes but they won’t work and are for smaller dolls.
Anyway, I’ll try your method it sounds pretty good. Thanks again. Very much appreciated.

I heat the head up a bit to be more pliable. Then make sure the X in the back is open. Then I dip the eye in soapy water to cut the friction of glass versus vinyl and line up the little knob on the eye with the X in the eye hole. Then push the eye in. Then when everything is lined up and dry, I glue the X back shut. HTH If I didn’t make sense, ask and I will try to explain better. Good luck!! Just make sure you only cut the X in the eye socket only large enough to get the knob in. You can adjust the eye from the back until you get it looking in the right direction!! When you add lashes and if you use glaze, this also will help keep the eye in position.

Hi Jean , are saying that you put them in from the (front) outside, or from the inside of the head. This is what I’m trying to find out. The pictures you posted don’t show up from photobucket… That is the way I insert eyes from the front and yes, the soapy water helps so much. Thanks…

Hi Jean,

Your method sounds like it might be very workable but I also wasn’t sure if you insert the eyes form the front or the back. I appreciated your comment on the eye lashes and glaze as I wasn’t even sure you could add eyelashes and glaze to the glass eyes. I’ve never tried to insert eyes from the front but I never used the beautiful glass hand blown eyes before. They are so gorgeious. I’ll love it if I can get them seated nicely. The realism is incredible.
Thanks a lot for your input.

I got me some flat german glass eyes here…I really like them. Thought i’d share…

i’m going to get another pair.

Those are nice, but for the price, I perfer the realism of these if i’m useing the glass eyes. They are very real looking , but it all depends on the sculpts eye sockets. Some like the Adrie Stoete sculpts have sockets for this type of eye with the little stems on the backs. The flat back’s are easier for some to install but to me this type has a more realistic look, if your going to pay a higher price.

  • I only use the glass Lauscher eyes for (special dolls) because of the price. If your selling a doll with these eyes of course you want to tack another$40.00 on to your selling price to get your money back if useing the glass eyes. … list&c=178

Hi Diane…I actually got me a pair of those eyes a couple of weeks ago from dollsbysandie! They are very nice! I am saving them for the right baby…I ordered them for my Welcome back Taylor kit initially. I do worry about inserting them though! That’s why I tried the flat backs. I had ordered their dark blue ones. They are high priced! Have you tried the soft silcone eyeco eyes? I’m using a pair in my Isa by Adrie right now. I used them only one before in the Stephanie Sullivan preemie Katheran…I may put a pic of my Katheran in the reborn showcase…

thanks again Diane!

I know what you mean Donna, I have some brown ones I’m going to use in my (Asian) Adrie doll that I used for Lara’s class. I used Lotus, and still working on her hair, but as far as I can tell they were talking about inserting the full round glass eyes from the front so we will see. I have some nice “Eyeco” brand in her now. They are just not tight at all, and that sculpt has eye sockets for the glass eyes with the stems on them. I have used the [soft silicone eyes] and love them! I used a pair in my “Joey”, a couple of years ago, he looked adorable with them. They were the blue and suited him really well, in fact I think the eyes are what made him look so cute. I like them, because they are so easy to insert from the front like contact lens. They have one drawback… if you leave the doll out in the air that those eyes are in… they will collect dust fast. Someone on another forum said all you have to do is dust powder in them and just brush the powder off to clean them. I would say use something like a Maxine’s mop brush or something soft.
Please do post your babies picture’s. I lost most of all my reborn pictures on photo bucket, so my Joey is now gone, I did post pictures of him on the old BB forum about two years ago, but now they are also gone.

Hi Diane,
I got some silicone to go behind eyes that don’t fit that great…I’ve used it twice so far and it came in handy. The seller on ebay looks to be out of them right now but here is the link…have you tried these?


Hey thanks Donna, that should work perfect for filling out and holding the eyes in place! I will have to order some of these, they do have them in stock it looks like.