Glad forum is back on

Good morning, glad the forum back on and just wondering what everyone has been doing? hope everyone has a great day


Hi Connie
I’m glad bb forum is back on to, I missed it, you all have a good day to.

woo HOO!! So glad the forum is back.

I sure have missed the BB forum and so happy it’s back.

I have missed you all so much!! I’m so glad that the forum is back!!

So happy its back

I am sooooooo happy -no offence to all the wonderful forums out there -but its good to be HOME!!!HI Connie!!!

Hi Everyone…I am so happy that this forum is back! It was like seeing an old friend again. This is the best forum on earth and I have so missed it and all my friends here.


I have to agree with everyone else. It is good to be “home”. How have you all been? What babies have you all been working on?!

i am so glad that denise and nevin were able to continue with this forum, although i do like all the others , but it was the first place i would check when i got on line , and just seemed like i had something missing, it was a daily routine and very hard to adjust to . i just missed it. thanks for giving it another chance. marlene

I’m also glad! I missed you ladies and hope you had a wonderful New Years!

I am so happy , it is like coming home after a long holiday, so glad to be back,

I just want to say a big Thank You! to Nevin and Denise, for restoring this forum and putting it back online
for all of us who have missed it so much. This was the first forum I joined when I first starting reborning several
years ago like around 2007. Even though there are other forums, which I’m sure are very good as well out there, this one I enjoyed the most. Its like coming back to a place that felt like home, and awww, it’s so nice to be back.