Give Away for New Facebook Page!

Hi everyone. I have recently created a new facebook page for Lasting Memories Reborn Nursery. I am holding a give away on it. You don’t have to do anything except friend the page give away is as follows
100 Friends (pacifier and faux bottle )
200 friends (outfit)
500 friends (mini reborn)
1000 friends (Custom Reborn)
I know that seems like a lot of friends lol but I have close to 2000 on my personal page so if even half of those people like this page it will go quickly lol.
Thank you and good luck.
The drawing will be of names in the friends list only not the like list as facebook does not allow me to see all the likers at the same time

sorry about that it should work now!

Links should work now.

Hope everyone checks out your new page! I love the outfit and your NA baby. I hope you find a middle ground between custom orders and ebay. Ebay probably will give you more of a reputation in the future if you are aiming for being a prototype artist. More exposure for everyone to learn your name. But customs are guaranteed income so maybe split your time and do fewer customs and sell one every now and then on ebay.