Girl scout cookies


If anyone needs girl scout cookies they ship now. This is my little ones first year! Here’s her link! Thanks ladies!


What a great idea. How do we do this? Can we pay with PayPal?




I know right! Yes, they ship it!! It’s a little pricey but some of it still goes to the girl scouts! It looks like it is regular cc or Visa checkout. I do not see PayPal unfortunately. Thanks for checking!!


Too bad. That let’s me out. No credit cards.


What about a paypal card? You enter the number like normal… I think anyways… lol


How long are they on sale?


I wonder if they ship worldwide. Australia doesn’t have Girl Scout cookies and I’ve always been curious


It’s a little fuzzy because it is in phases. It looks like the latest date I can find is end of Feb. Thanks!


I’m not sure. Sorry, this is our first year. This is what I found about shipping. Thanks for looking!