Ginger (pic heavy)

I am finished with the first of my festival babies, Ginger. I did not particularly like her at first, she was just one of many kits that I got during a sale. I was originally shooting for budget babies that would sell at a local arts and crafts fair. As I experimented with my painting style, I grew to love her. I knew she was going to be a redhead as soon as I saw her blank kit. I was originally going to price her under $300, but I am not so sure anymore. She is not one that I am in a hurry to sell. Anyways, sorry for all of the pics. I also experimented using a photography tutorial that I had the honor of proof reading by our very own @MilosMeadows. The differing lighting and camera settings gave the pictures all very different looks.


She IS a sweetheart! Your posing looks so realistic, great job on her shoot!

She’s precious! I love how well her hair matches your props! SO lovely!

LOVE that red headed baby!! :slight_smile:

Beautiful baby and all I keep thinking is “Get those peaches away from that babies skin” cuz they are itchy…LOL.

Thank you all! She really surprised me. Do you think that $350 is too high?

She is beautiful. i love her coloring and hair.

she has amazing coloring!



She is gorgeous. No your price is not too high but she will be difficult to let go if she was mine I would want to keep her!

Oh, she will be a hard sale. I need the money, though. I may tack on a little extra to her price to ensure she sits with me for a bit :wink:

I love her!

Beautiful! :heart_eyes:

I listed her on Reborns. It hurt :persevere:

I think about this baby every day. I am still missing her and I regret selling her. I got her kit for $17. I could paint and root another one, I know. But there was just something about her. Has this ever happened to anyone? I am thinking about sending a note to her buyer and asking her to please contact me first if she ever wants to resell her. I would buy her back in a heartbeat.

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