Ghost Babies!


I wanted to show off my first two babies of 2019. They are both adorable little ghosts >3

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WOW! Gorgeous babies!


Thank you so much!!:kissing_closed_eyes:




I really like the first one, Ashley awake? Her expression looks like “why you bothering me”. And The other is a friendly ghost!! Both beautiful!


They are absolutely beautiful and gorgeous- you nailed it- I love them!!


Love your beauties!


I am really starting to get into the alternative reborns! These babies are absolutely gorgeous. :heart:


They are so fun, I love the serious look of the first baby!


Oh my, they are definitely unique and stanning!


I love them both but tink looks like my daughter as a newborn so I just adore your version of her :heart_eyes:


Oh, I love them! Alternative reborns are just so cool.


I love them!


Thank you so much everyone!!:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


I love their pale, translucent skin tone


May I ask where do you buy those eyes? Thank you.