Getting so frustrated


it looks good as it is. If it’s not how you wanted her sale that one and buy another kit.


@sweetiepieapril she has a grey (like a dead baby) undertone that I am trying to correct. Will the mint help that? I like the depth, just not the hue. It doesnt come across in the pictures (I think because we have fluorescent lights?)


She isn’t coming across as dead grey in pics. Have you taken her outside to look at her?


Not at all grey. Sometimes walking away from a doll for a few days helps me see it in a new light.
I think it is perfect. I would not change a thing.


@Maloree I don’t know if it will help (and actually having a huge color correct problem myself now) but I’ve read on Andrea Donaldson tutorial today how to correct greyish hue. She recommends:
“2-3 yellow washes. A rusty red wash is also a good idea. Depending on age of baby, orange or pink blushing.”


I had something similar happen the other day, and while my baby is still darker than what I had intended, some very concentrated yellow ochre on the nose and the inner cheeks right near the nose really livened things up. This, and some slight bluish and purple on the eyelids really gave my kit the life I was looking for and made the undertones look more complimentary. I think it looks great in the picture, though!


I finally got a pic that shows what I am seeing! Pardon the messy faced kid :yum:

So, I did give her a few days to just sit and cure, and put a layer of Earth Mint on her last night, which took away a lot of the nasty coloring, but not all of it. So, a color I should use to brighten that grey tone? I’m stumped.


I see what you are talking about. I did a search in the forum topics called “gray undertones” and here are two colors that stood out the most 1. yellow and 2. orange. Yellow stood out the most. Years ago when we dealt with grayish vinyl, we used a salmon wash to neutralize the gray coloring. You might want to research more as to which color of yellow. Also be sure to make them thin and know you might have to do two-three layers to see any change. good luck both are adorable


@catherineweebab that helps make a decision to use a tangerine wash next. I’m wondering if this isnt because I chose to use a green complexion layer instead of yellow in the very beginning. If so, I wont be doing that again! :woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:


Try a salmon color wash to help tone down some of that grey :slight_smile: You may need to do more than one thin layer then if you need to at the end you can do another mint layer.


Yes, might be, I’ve also had green turn on me too. Not to dispute anyone’s recommendations but only do a mint green wash if you feel you have too much redness going on. That is all I’ve ever used it for. I love it for my over happy redness mottling and blushing. Go with the one you see you need, @Maloree because you are right on top of your work.


sort of off topic. i have trouble making hands snd feet look realistic. Any tips


@angels I start with three undertone layers, followed by the veins, and then as I begin adding the mottling layers, I focus a mix of ultramarine blue/vein purple on the ankles and arch, palm and wrist (very lightly). Each time you add a mottled layer, touch up the hands and feet, so you are slowly altering the color. Then, the blush goes on the fingertips, edge of palms, and knuckles; on the tips of the toes, and in a half circle around the arch.


Thank you. i will try that😊