Getting ballpoint pen ink off babies?


The 10% benzoyl peroxide acne creme isnt working. I left it on over night and the ink is still there just as bad. Maybe its going to take days do I need to keep applying it over and over?
If I find that little kid who drew on her Im gonna … Naaaaa.



hairspray takes it off too. I’ve used it on all kinds of things.put it on
and blot with a tissue. reapeat until gone.


Sun what is that I live in Ma. but I will try to catch it if it comes out.
I tried acetone, goo gone, alcohol, soap, ajax, and dishwasher soap everything except drano and a jackhammer. Nothing worked.

Thanks for your help everyone Ill give it more time.


like Rose said Hairspray might work. I have never used it on a kit yet (knock on wood) but I have used it to get ink out of clothes and works pretty well
Many blessings and Hugs


I read on the web that hairsray works because it has alcohol in it. I tried rubbing alcohol wouldnt budge but I’ll try anything.
I’m wondering if you can paint over it and hide it if it wont come out?

Thanks for all the help,


Try putting the zit cream on and putting it under a lamp. That speeds up the process also.