Genesis to Reborn fx paints


I have been using GHSP paints for the last 7 years but I am fed up with my partner moaning about the cost of electricity every time when I use the oven. How easy is it to transfer to using air dry paints? I have been looking at the sets on Macphersons but as they are quite expensive I want to know if it is something I will be able to change over to using. Is buying a set a good idea or would I be better of just buying separate bottles? If separate bottles what would be the best ones to get?


I highly suggest going with a set to start out :slight_smile: @anjsmiles has created and shared ,for free, a wonderful tutorial for beginners to rebornfx paints. The tutorial is available on the MacP’s website and they also have a paint kit with all the colors and mediums needed to follow along with her tutorial.
Paint set:


Just had look at the tutorial it looks nice and easy to follow thank you. If I bought the set do you know how many dolls I would be able to paint from the set before needing to restock?


Go with the kit first, when you are used to it, you will know better what colors to use and even mix your own. I never use genesis, but I know the colors names are not always the same.
And the kit come with all medium you need, so after all, it’s less expensive than buy all bottles separately. Some of them, you may not like.
For exemple, I don’t like their dilutent, I use Liquitex matt medium fluide instead.


I am able to buy the one you recommend online as I live on a small island halfway between UK and France so I have to get everything online?


You use very small amount of paint per doll, but more medium. I don’t know how much dolls with the kit, but certainly a few


Cool! That’s awesome!!! You can call Macp’s And ask them! They are awesome!


@juliehougue327 How is island living sounds awesome!


Just curious-is electricity expensive because you are on an island?? My Nuwave doesn’t seem to increase my bill but I only make an occasional baby, maybe 1 every other month. what is your islands name??


The island I live on is Guernsey in the Channel Islands, lovely place to live nice and safe just not many shops! You may have heard of the book "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society " a fictional account of the island under German occupation throughout WW2.Our electricity comes from France. I use an ordinary oven, my partner is just tight with money!


Thanks-I read the book & enjoyed it.Sounds like a lovely place. Good luck if you switch to air dry.