Genesis paint fading

I use the Genesis heat set paint,Over time I find that the paint fades ,leaving spots on the face,I do the Q-tip test
concern,please help

How are you thinning the paint? And yes, it does sound like you have not baked the paint long enough. What are you baking the kits in, how long and what temperature are you using?

Hi, Thank you for helping
I have a convention oven, I bake @ 130’C or 285’F for 10 min and cool
Then bake again, I make sure to do the Q-tip test, if any color on Q-tip I will bake again. I use Gamsol,100% pure odorless mineral spirits.
This fading does not happen all the time,was wondering if i could be the vinyl

Okay, are you preparing the kits by washing them in hot soapy water like dawn, before painting? Also, be careful with the oils on your hands, it will transfer to the vinyl creating paint gaps. Sometimes, the vinyl itself can cause this in spots. You can always apply a thinned layer of matte varnish before you begin your layers as a barrier.

285? That is pretty hot, be very careful that you don’t melt one of your kits. 265 is better and safer (can still happen, but not as easily. LOL) 8 mins. between layers. Then with a dampened Q-tip test in different areas of the part, checking each test. Hope this helps you.

Again I say Thank You
I started this beautiful craft in 2013 using dolls from the store (Reborning)
Then went to doll kits (Newborning)
I will turn the oven down to 265 " I have been lucky that my kits did not melt
I have use the matte varnish between my layers, sometimes I use it as a prep before I start my painting, I really do not like it because is gives a harsh feel
and when I used it one time as my final coat for Shine it took off some of the paint. Will pay closer attention to hand oil, I will try using gloves
Again Thank You

I also find that using a thin layer of 1:1 thinning medium and matte varnish mix helps prevent fading and paint loss. It also helps the colors ‘stick’ better.

Do you add few drops of oil to your paints, as some people do?

OK, I’ve got a question that I don’t know the answer too since I have only done a few dolls with genesis. Are mineral spirits the same thing as the Mona Lisa thinner or are they a different chemical? As for gloves, use them unless you are super careful not to touch the painted areas. I use a very thinned down mixture of paint and matte varnish on the first layer and then pounce off most of it…thin like thinned out skim milk thin. And genesis matte on the final layer should not remove paint at all so you may not be baking long enough or at a high enough temp. I haven’t had much luck with oven thermometers so I can’t advise you on the best one of those. Hope you get it figured out.

Quoted from a “google” search.

Mineral spirits and paint thinner are essentially the same product, except mineral spirits is more refined and costs more than paint thinner. According to The Family Handyman, both chemicals are petroleum substances, but paint thinner has different solvents that make it more volatile and pungent.
Mineral spirits and paint thinner are both used to clean oil-based paint, remove varnish from surfaces and soak paintbrushes to remove pigment. Because more hydrocarbons are removed from mineral spirits, it is less smelly. Paint thinner contains more solvents than mineral spirits, so the odor is stronger and the chemical is more volatile. Paint thinner is generally cheaper than mineral spirits because less work is done to produce it.
Paint thinner is better for cleaning brushes because the quantity of paint removal is far less than a surface with dried paint. Mineral spirits is more effective in small quantities because it is more refined.
These hydrocarbons are poisonous and should be handled with caution. Exposure to such paint-cleaning chemicals can cause skin irritation. Inhalation leads to difficulty breathing. Accidentally ingesting mineral spirits or paint thinner causes severe pain in the throat and stomach. Both mineral spirits and paint thinner require well-ventilated areas during usage. Safety precautions should be taken to ensure no one is injured trying to remove paint.


Thank you, PIa!!

I have never ever had myGenesis paints to fade. I have had air dry paints to fade but not Genesis. I have a Bonnie Chyle Dollmaker and Friends baby that was blushed with oils and she has faded. She is the vinyl that is like the AD vinyls and it is known for not holding paint well. Those vinyls will not hold Genesis paints unless the paints are sealed well with Genesis matte Varnish. Sometimes you have to seal them first with Genesis Matte Varnish to get the paints to stick too. That is the only time I know of any issues with Genesis.

Thank you