Genesis Matte Varnish ? HELP FAST

Hi all, I don’t use Genesis paint’s, but i do use the matte varnish. I use it as a primer and then a final coat to take away shine. I’ve never had a problem using it straight out of the jar, and spreading very thin with a makeup sponge. I’m workong on a Euro berenguer and have alot of problems getting it to spread thin, it leaves a chaulky mess. So my question is, what do you all use to thin out the matte varnish? I hoping something works soon, this is a custom order. Hope tro here from someone, Thanks DEE

Thanks, i think i’ll give it a try. I’ve already removed it 3 times. I’m getting ready to throw it away. I’ve never had this problem before. I’ve done this type before, i just can’t figure it out. It would have to happen now, this one is supposed to be a gift. If it doesn’t work, i’ll have to find another that resembles the baby that i have a photo of. I think after this one, i’ll take a break for a while. I thought i’d never say that,but she’s a pain in the, you know what. Thanks again, DEE

I do the some and it does help