Genesis Matte Varnish Changed?


That’s Smilla Altenkirch! She’s really sweet but has hard vinyl and short t-rex arms. I posted a whole topic about her if you want more pics :slight_smile:


Those look great! Maybe it was a bad batch. I’m not going to chance anymore at least not for a while.


I’ll go check it out. Thank you


Good plan! I don’t blame you, I wouldn’t either. Stick with what works for you, everything works differently for different people and it would be boring if we all did the same thing


Mine had a few spots that were very rough and I buffed them off lightly. But, I mixed very well each time I dipped my brush in and it still turned out shiny in some places and rough in others! After that I was very cautious to apply super thinly and really pounce and that’s when the shine really got bad.


I am a big fan of Genesis so it pains me to not be able to use it. I wonder if it could have anything to do with humidity and similar factors?


That could be the case! It’s still quite cold where I live. I’m not sure though but it’s definitely possible


I’ve never seen the matte varnish on the site, only the satin. Can you share a link? I would really like to get a large jar of the regular matte. Here is where I normally look to get the mediums on the site.


Tiffiny you cracked me up with the roofing shingles,great comparison,thanks for giving a laugh this morning.:footprints::baby:


I don’t see the matte varnish either on Jerry’s, however Dolls by Sandie has the 4 oz. jar for 19.99


I’ve only tried mixing in thinning medium and/or thinner twice, and both times I ended up with chalky areas that didn’t go away no matter how many times I baked. So, I only use it straight from the jar, and it’s always been nice and matte for me. But now that it might be different I’m worried about spending any $$ on a new jar that might not be right.


I haven’t seen the Matte listed on Jerry’s for the last four months I’ve checked. Is there a separate link over there for it?


They stopped selling matte.


This has absolutely happened to me. The last 4 babies I completed came out painfully shiny. The first baby I tried re-baking the varnish a couple times, the second baby I underbaked - it didn’t seem to matter, still very shiny. I ordered some air dry varnish from MacPherson instead.


Wondering why.


I have no idea. I had to end up buying the super matte from MacPherson’s I think. I mixed it with Genesis thinning medium and it works fine.


That happened with my last baby…some spots were very rough while others were still shiny


K hold on let me check my paypal. I swore it was there I got it.

Edit: My mistake, the satin came from Jerry’s and the matte came from hunnybuns. Seemed like it was just a few weeks ago, but it was February. I don’t know if the formula changed but I do know the results were different from the jar I had previously, that jar was more than a year old.


What’s super matte? Does it make it rough feeling?


It’s no more rough than regular matte. It’s harder, which requires a little more thinner than regular. I don’t use anything but Genesis thinning medium with it only because I’ve never tried regular thinners. Imo it needs to be thinned out