Genesis Flesh color chalky - how to avoid? (+linseed oil question)


Thank you! :heart_eyes: I watched both videos and some more, and it all makes so much more sense to me now!


Thank you so much, I appreciate your help! :sparkling_heart:

I am glad that I had test parts to use before I get to reborn my first baby. I striped them all because I did not want them to go completely to waste, so I will use them one more time (It took me forever and I will not do it again. Ever. lol ).

I am so thankful for all your kind and generous help from you ladies, I feel so much more confident after reading your advice and watching the tutorials on youtube. I will give it another try today. :crossed_fingers:t3: :relaxed:


Have fun! That’s what this is all about :grin:. I am no expert but I can help you out anytime. I am using a test limb right now too to try out an idea I have been wanting to try for an alternative baby. I have only ever made realistic babies so far.


@gail I just learned that I have to keep my window closed, so much sand blowing around (in NM). I love the fresh dry air, so different compared to the humidity on the east coast.


I’ve not seen Jacky’s videos, but the thinner she may be using is Gamsol or Sansodor. They are a little thicker and oilier, and they allow a longer blending time as they don’t dry as fast as other odorless thinners like Mona Lisa. This can help reduce chalkiness. But make sure your flesh mix is not too thick.


May I ask you something, since you have Jacky’s DVD’s and watched them too.

Did you do the lips exactly like she does?

I tried and - again - it turned out different from what it should have.

I followed EXCTLY what she said in the video.

She says that she takes the color directly from the container (without any thinner) and pounces/dabs it on the lips. I checked four times to see if she uses thinner on the brush without mentioning it (later on, I think on the second DVD, she does that without mentioning it!!! so if you are not careful enough you might not catch that). But she doesn’t. At least it was not filmed.

The lips on her baby turn out a light powdery red, smooth color.

I used the EXACT same color and technique.

But the lips on my baby turned out deep red (even tough I used a tiny bit of color), the color wasn’t smooth at all, even tough I tried to blend it out like crazy. I checked 3 times if I was using the same color, and of course I did.

Ugh. How is that possible. :persevere:

How did your lips turn out?

And yes, I agree… wish the camera person would have filmed the ACTUAL process, and not her from a distance. Whats the point of showing her sitting at the table, her hands covering everything she does in some scenes?


After several hours of research I came to the conclusion : This is NOT how you paint realistic lips. :poop:

And another one : Never trust a tutorial. lol


@Amethyst Just curious, why do you still following tutorial that you didn’t like from the very beginning if there are plenty of other tutorial to follow?


She used the medium of the three pre-mixed red colors. She says to use very little straight from the jar. Her brush for that is very small and nearly dry.
I used the very tip, barely took any on my brush. You saw that she also touches on a paper towel before Clyde as well?
She also said start from the inside and work out.
I put barely any at all on the mouth crease and worked it outward. It took a long time to do. Also, when I brought it out, I pounced it out on the cracks first where it would be darker.
I was thinking it wouldn’t be dark enough and added more. Kinda wish I hadn’t cause once you get further along I see you can change your mind about lip shades when you choose eye color and hair.
I was doing Ashley Asleep with the video and I like it for her brown hair.
I am doing Joseph Awake and that color looks good on him too, but I made him platinum blonde. I kinda wish I chose a more fleshy shade. It still looks nice.
Another forum member told me she saw Jackie’s dolls in person. She said they are quite red but beautiful.
Again I’m thinking she goes bolder because she’s photographed for prototypes.
I think the Video was just for technique.
Later you change colors of everything to be the baby you want to make. All of our complexions and lip colors are unique. :smiley:
I put several mint washes over mine to counteract the redness.
Also I wiped things off before I baked them if I didn’t like them.
Hope this helps. :slight_smile: Here is my Ashley and Joseph (still in progress). Natural light. With eyes in, I think his lips look right compared to baby photos of blondes online.
Hope this helped. :slight_smile:


I watched all tutorials which you recommended (and a few more) and I will take everything I learned from them and put in practice for my next baby.

For now, I am determined to finish the baby I am currently working on by following Jacky’s tutorial, and to bring to an end what I started. Out of curiosity to see where it leads me.

So far every single step went wrong, but I am stubborn and want to finish it. I had high hopes, especially because Jacky is my favorite reborn artist. Even tough nothing went smoothly so far I have learned a lot, because I had to find out for myself what exactly went wrong, why and how to fix it.


First of all - your babies are adorable! :heart_eyes: They look amazing!!

Thank you for answering in such great detail, I appreciate it very much!

Yes, I did everything you wrote. And I used the medium red. I am not satisfied with the end result. I did not achieve great depth with only that one color. But I have something in mind which I will try out instead.

I am still wondering WHY she would use that time consuming technique. That lady from Australia (who was recommended by @YelenaRey , she has a tutorial dedicated on how to paint lips and inside of the mouth) uses paint with thinner for the lips (red&blue), and it looks like a lot more fun to do it that way, instead of wasting so much time, dabbing around “dry” color. My guess is that she was told to promote the paint “which can be used straight out of the pot”.

Yes, I understand what you mean. I definitely will.

btw I know she changed her technique (which I am sure she did not fully give away in the tutorial) since the DVD’s were shot. I read it somewhere. And that’s part of the process. Always learning, always exploring. That’s great.

Like I told Yelena, even though nothing turned out like I was hoping, I learned soooo much from the failures.

Again thank you for taking your time to answer! :gift_heart:


Make sense. Good luck. I learn from mistakes more than when things go smoothly also :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot! Thanks for the lip tip too :slight_smile:


it’s too thick, also I found it’s best not to put more than 2 layers of flesh before heat seating. My colour is very thin and watery.


I don’t have any excess paint to remove after each wash, I use a brush and transfer the paint from the brush to the cosmetic wedge and then pounce I don’t have any excess paint to build up in creases