Genesis Flesh color chalky - how to avoid? (+linseed oil question)


I am using Flesh 08 on my test parts and it’s super chalky. I mixed the color with thinner to a coffee cream consistency (just as Jacky said in her DVD tutorial, or - more like milk consistency since the cofee cream consistency seemed a bit to thick).

How can I avoid chalky-ness and do people still use linseed oil to mix their colors with (as I read in older threads)? How do you mix your color (what consistency)?

Please help me! :pray: :hibiscus: I am super frustrated right now!


I use flesh 08 on all my babies, I do thin layers that I pounce very well with a new cosmetic sponge. I do not find it chalky but I do 1 to seal my vinyl then I do all my under the skin layers then about 2 layers after.


I do the same as @Reefbubbles described above and if it thing enough and ponced off well it never chalky for me.


I’m using her videos for my first babies too. I used the flesh 08 and all the exact same colors and products as her. I noticed a chalky look around the nails until I learned your supposed to wipe that off before baking. Also, make sure it dries completely matte before putting in the nuwave. I also learned to blot and even dry brush after it dries before I bake it on if there are any spots I felt were heavy or chalky looking too. I’m very happy with the
second try after learning those things. She’s not real clear about cleaning out crevices but I suppose the videos are quite long. They’re wonderful though! Went on super sale after I bought them.


I watched ALL 3 DVD’s THREE times & took notes - I wrote down every little detail.

I noticed that she left out the part where she goes over the vinyl parts with a dry sponge after painting them with the Flesh 08 color (and she did not use a dry brush on them either).

She did that with the first wash (orange) but not with the second wash.

Why would she leave something that important out?!?!?!?! :weary: :weary: :weary: I have to strip the parts and do it all over again.

I am sooo frustrated and angry. Please excuse my mood. :sob:

Went on super sale after I bought them.

Luckily I got them when they were on sale. Otherwise I would be even more disappointed. She is unclear about a lot of things, the lighting is off, I have NO IDEA what consistency her paints have because she doesn’t explain or show properly. She is my favorite artist but the production of the DVD’s is not good, to put it nicely. I also noticed that she doesn’t give away all her secrets. The finished baby looked different in the end, … it magically grew facial hair which she did not show in the tutorial.



Thank you so much that you took the time to answer me! I appreciate it a lot! :pray:

Do you pounce with a dry cosmetic sponge when you do washes or also after mottling?


@Amethyst You need to ‘remove’ the excess paint after each wash so it will not accumulate and pull into the puddles, especially in the creases, fingers, toes. When you do mottling dap you vedge first on the peace of paper towel. I don’t know which DVD you are referring to, but you Youtube ‘Reborn with me’ series is extremely detailed. So is Annette from Australia, which is even shows how much thinner and how much paint she is uses for each wash.
I would highly recommend those. This is how I started.


Thank you dear Yelena! :sparkling_heart: I can not thank you enough! I will watch the tutorials which you recommended!

I was referring to Jaqueline Kramer’s DVD’s produced by Bountiful Baby.


@Amethyst Also for hard to reach places, like creases, finger and toes I use dry soft brush to pick-up an extra paint since vedge will not always reach there.


Thank you very much! :sparkling_heart: Just to be sure - did you mean Miracle Babies Nursery on youtube? That’s what I found when I searched for “Annette/Reborn/Australia”.


You are welcome. Just take a deep breath, watch those tutorials, and have fun with the process. You’ll get there! Everything is an experience.


Yes, it’s her. She has several of those for Genesis. I’ll find you the link that I like a little bit later.



I also like this ‘Basic of Life’ tutorial


I also used Reborn with me videos to learn. I agree with @YelenaReyvery detailed and great to learn from. Definitely always dry brush every crease, eyes mouth etc. especially around hands and inside ears. I also pounce excess paint off of my mottling sponges. I let the mottling coat dry then I check it very carefully before I bake. If any spot looks a bit to heavy. Just give it a wipe with your clean cosmetic sponge and it will lighten up. I buy these sponges at Walmart to use for my mottling I LOVE them


Agreed. I thought they did a great job translating. I think they shortened it as much as possible not to discourage people from reborning. It’s important to watch it a few times to catch things she covers later that they leave out in the beginning as you said. I wish the cameraman had actually filmed things like the creasing and blushing instead of standing back so far. I study her dolls up close and see the details she didn’t disclose, but then again, those are the extras that make her babies look real. I had to strip my first baby too. Creases and nails were full. Also, my baby was too orange following her directions but I countered it with mint green wash on my own. Other people online and on here will share how to do a lot. They are wonderful.
Overall I’m glad I purchased it. People who have seen the first two I’m doing are very impressed so yay!


Coffee cream consistency is too thick.


Following for all of the tips. :blush:


Usually chalky is caused by too much ‘paint’ in your mixture. Thin it down some.


Welcome to the secretive world or reborning! I totally get your frustration. I use the linseed oil when I paint with flesh08. Just a drop or two to get rid of that chalkiness. I also mix in a bit of white and a tiny little speck of ultramine blue. I thin it with Mona Lisa thinning medium and some Genesis thinning medium too. It’s usually the consistency of homo milk. Then I use a mop brush to brush it all over the vinyl part and then I dab it with a clean sponge until it’s nice and uniform. I get frustrated with all of the hair that’s in the air. I’m forever picking off little hairs. I do have two cats so maybe that’s the problem but it drives me nuts!!


Your paint should be thinner. Pounce every layer with a clean dry sponge free you pounce on the paint and molly mop the creases. Watch Reborn With Me.