Gemma kit?

Has anyone done Gemma? I would love to see pics

I have not but I just ordered a kit the other day. I can’t wait to get started on her.

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she was my second reborn i love the gemma sculpt

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I’ve reborned Gemma several times; she is becoming one of my favorite faces to work on:


WOW, Ladies they are all so adorable. I love her round full face. Maybe i’ll get her, thanks for showing.

OH MY She’s sooooooooooo stinking cute.

I love the Gemma kit and I’m waiting for another in the mail right now. She has such a relaxed peaceful face.
This Gemma was for a great-niece that is just turning 11. I said ‘no rooted hair’…so she has just a bit of painted baby hair. :relaxed:


Yes she does have a peaceful face, like an angel.

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