Gas fireplace insert?


I was thinking of investing in gas logs so that I wouldn’t have to worry with buying the logs(I usually buy the boxes at WM or Home Depot) and the clean up. Does anyone here have those? If so, is your gas bill much higher when using them? We have relatively mild winters. I don’t really use them for heat. Just like to look at fireplace while watching TV at night with hubby. So, I only burn for about 3-4 hours a night.


I don’t have one but my grandparents just put one in. My Grandfather said its the best money he ever spent. He got to the point where he didn’t burn in his fireplace anymore because it was too much work for him. I have not asked him about his gas bill but I will.


Figure out the gas useage per hour, multiply by hours used, then look at your gas costs:)
I have a high end gas fireplace ( ) in my living room. I LOVE IT. It does put off some heat - enough to heat the room comfortably but not as much heat as a woodburning fireplace.

But it looks absolutely real. Totally real.

It rarely gets below freezing here in the winter but it does often get down into the 40s and 30s and occasionally lower. I find that for most of December through February, I light that fire in the evening and enjoy the ambiance.


I would say it also depends on the model and your settings. Some years are much higher than others. Our fireplace really kicks. Most of my neighbors have one with the solid plate of glass just more more for show. Be careful with those logs. My hubby rearranged ours one year. I was getting a headache and was about to take a nap. I then got a wiff of that gas smell and called the gas Co. The tech told me to open all the windows and turn off the gas. The co2 levels were off the chart. The logs should only be set up one way as instructed. Mine weren’t venting. Good thing I didn’t take that nap. And now I own 2 detectors.