GAMSOL Odorless Mineral Spirits


Hi! I’m new to reborning and I’m currently picking up some supplies to get started. I wanted to know if I need to lower the temperature when baking the kits and up the time from eight minutes. Gamsol has a flashpoint of 145 degrees fahrenheit, with that said, is the normal 260 - 265 baking temp. too high? Also, does Gamsol work well with all skin tones/details or just ethnic flesh tones? Thanks.


If you lower the temperature the paint won’t cure, but Gamsol works great being baked at the temperatures needed for reborning. I only use Gamsol now, it works very well for all skin tones and it’s safer to use than thinner. :slight_smile:


Gamsol is just another brand of mineral spirits, supposedly it is less harmful. When the paint dries all the mineral spirits have evaporated, and is safe to bake.


I only use the Gamblin Gamsol on all skin types. I have not lowered the temp at all and have not had any problems. I much prefer the Gamsol to any other brand for painting with. Especially for ethnic babies.