Gabriela Swialkowski *pic heavy*

Shhh! Don’t tell my boss I played with dolls all afternoon. :shushing_face:
How could I resist though?! She’s so sweet and fun! :heart_eyes:


I love her!!

Love this little lady with any hair style! :heart_eyes:

She is so pretty. :heart_eyes:

Such a sweet babe! Love the braided hair!

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She is so lovely and that hair is amazing!

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Oh my goodness what a fun baby!

Thanks everyone! This hair is so fun!!! I bought it from @Toutlaw! It reminds me so much of my daughter’s hair. It’s a little coarse, but that makes it great for styling! This was my favorite way to do my daughter’s hair. I love it on Gabriela too! Heart braid! :heart:


She is absolutely beautiful. I hope she is a keeper for you. I can’t imagine parting with such an adorable little girl.

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she is so sweet1

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She is just amazing! Great job!

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Nice job! Shes cute!

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I love her! So sweet💕 so you used human hair? How many ounces did you use?

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I don’t know how much hair it was. It was a long, thick ponytail…about 2 inches in diameter. It took nearly the whole ponytail. I have enough left to root a short haired boy maybe. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Beautiful, Love her !!! You are making me want to start mine. She will be a keeper. I would have not been able to concentrate on work either😂

Love her :heart:

Love the pigtails!

That heart braid is AMAZING! It will be so much fun for her mommy to play with her hair!

Wow!!! What a beautiful dolly!

Oh my! She is beautiful and you did an excellent job with her!