Gabriel by Joanna Gomes


I have a Gabriel kit by Joanna Gomes , ive lost his legs, so i have replaced with Adrie stoete legs. looking for a trade of some sort. Pm with any interest. Pics below to show example of him,reborned by someone else.


I actually have Gabriel limbs with no head… would you be willing to sell just the head?


No, sorry, i would rather trade all of him for another kit. Thanks


Okay… No problem, I understand.

Let me see… I have the following kits that I could trade, any interest you?

BB Connor - pink and/or peach
BB Chrissy - peach
BB Dakota - pink
BB Eden - pink
BB Honey - peach
BB Jaden - peach
BB Kaya - pink or biracial
BB Kyra - pink
BB Muffin - peach
BB Precious Gift
BB Punkin - peach
BB Sienna

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