Future of Reborning?


I am just wondering what are reborner’s thoughts as to the future of this art/craft?


I will be reborning until I’m an old great great grandma and can’t use my fingers anymore. That’s in another 70 years. =] lol


Same here! We all know things are slow now, but that will change! So I will just slow down and work on other projects as well…there’s always something to do!


sachelo, that is a beautiful kyra baby!


I think that as long as collectors love and want these babies, there will be a market for them; and even though things are slow right now I’m sure things will pick up once this recession is over.

It has to…I have enough kits to last me until I’m 110 years old!!!


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I think that as long as collectors love and want these babies, there will be a market for them; and even though things are slow right now I’m sure things will pick up once this recession is over.

It has to…I have enough kits to last me until I’m 110 years old!!!

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Ditto…me too, I’m gonna have to take an inventory soon


Same here angel! And i pray the recession will be over soon!!

I have these kits for sale.


I think reborning will be around for a long time, but I think that right now it has become a more “popular” art and lots of people think they can get started and make a quick buck which (besides the economy) has flooded the market and lots of sellers aren’t getting sales right now. The collectors are there, but there are just tons of dolls being made right now.
I’m thinking/hoping that when the craze passes the cost of supplies will come down too since the demand won’t be as high.
And of course there is the economy…


I agree that the market is flooded but - alot of what is out there is not very good-alot of first or early trys-or slapped togeather dolls. Those of us that are serious about this well always be trying to improve and well do this till we die!!!


I just finished my first reborn at 6:38 Central Time. I’m ready to start on my next 3 or 4 but…

I need to sort through my mail, do laundry, vacuum, mop, prune outside, decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Next week I have to take my hubby to the dentist for a tooth extraction and gum surgery and I’m thinking I could either have a baby ready to root in the waiting room - or do some smocking on a baby outfit.

I’m beyond EXCITED. I could do this until I’m 100 and my mother lived that long and she would have loved this.

Not planning on selling - but I do want to donate to Homes for the aged and other adults who may love having a doll baby.

Been away from my baby for about 45 minutes - time to go hug and rock.


We ladies who have been doing dolls for many years have seen the cycle. The porcelain dolls, for instance, became the #1 hobby in the country for several years. Well made porcelain dolls were rather rare, only a couple of mold companies to supply molds, and prices were high. Then classes became extremely popular, and soon everyone was making porcelain dolls. When too many people had enough gorgeous dolls, the demand disappeared. (Consumers can only display so many, so they stop buying.) Now many ceramic and porcelain shops are gone, out of business. It is difficult to find supplies - porcelain for pouring, eyes, wigs. They aren’t available in your backyard any more. It’s ‘old stuff’, out of style.

The reborn dolls are easier to do now, to get supplies, to get these wonderful kits. I love them, and love making them. However, the cycle is in effect. Everyone will soon be making their own, glutting the market.

I am one of many people left with molds for porcelain dolls, and know several others in the same situation. We have been left behind, in the wake of these gorgeous reborns. But be aware: something new will come and will displace the reborns. If you have many MANY kits stashed away, you need to get them painted…


Neva that is Great Advice - not only because of the supply situation and the market, but because the vinyl may change.

I know many people have said that the paint will last forever, but that is an unknown. What we do know is that right now the vinyl is accepting the paint and if there are difficulties we can ask each other about solutions.

In my case the advice is great because I’m 63 and I used to think I had a lot of time, but I’m beginning to RETHINK that!


I think reborning is going to be around for a while longer. It seems that larger companies are having issues and some are not producing the dolls like they used to. LM has slowed way down and a couple of others I am thinking of. Also, having read about a lot of complaints people not getting their pre-ordered dolls from artists in a timely manner, I think more and more people are going to be looking at reborns for their special unique babies. I know I appreciate the silicone/vinyl medium and actually prefer it over all the others. I do not prefer all silicone and I do not care for porcelain. I will never order a silicone baby, too much money and no purpose for me. I have reborns here made by others that I treasure far more. Even the two little reborns that I made, I dearly love.


Lots of people have yet to discover the craft…but I think it will be like any craft it will have its highs and lows. Some will start and quit while others will do it as long as they can…some will be appreciated by a few fans while others will experience real success. It has come along way in the 4 years that I have been reborning especially with the introduction of the kits.


Denise has made a very good point. The availability of these wonderful kits has changed the methodology of reborning. We had to strip expensive dolls of their glued on hair and paint. Other dolls had to be stripped, plus grinding away the grooves in their heads. It was risky. You could ruin the doll before getting to the finishing phase. You were gambling to try making a reborn.

Then a few kits became available, and were so easy to use! More people decided they wanted to do it. Now we have a constant stream of new sculpts to choose from. These sculptors tempt us with every new kit. We talk about how it is addicting. Sure, because it is FUN to create these little beauties. It was fun to make soft-sculpture dolls. It was fun to do porcelain dolls.

But the more widespread it becomes, the more popular it is, the $$$ value becomes less. That is the theory of mass production, to make a product cheaper.