Furry New Additions 🐾


Hi everybody! I know I haven’t been on as much lately, I’m slowly getting back into painting dolls again! As most of you know, I foster and rescue dogs when I’m needed. And as some of you know… I just started fostering 3 newborn pups whose mom died in labor. It was a sudden thing and I wasn’t prepared for it… but the small rescue group couldn’t find anyone else willing to hand raise 3 pups. They need to be feed every 2-3 hours, like like a human newborn. They cant see or hear for the first few weeks , so they need constant care. I am in love with these little angels and I’m so happy to be able to help. I’ll be posting lots of puppy pics!!!
And to the ladies that have asked if I have a go fund me or anything like that to donate to, to help with all the costs that will incur in the next 8 weeks while In my care, here is my PayPal
Y’all don’t have to help , but I won’t say no … only because I could really use some help covering some of these expenses. I’ll also post some things later for sale to try and raise money for the pups care.
Ok! Ready for some puppy pics??? :dog::dog::dog:


They’re so tiny! What kind of dogs are they? I see a bigger dog in the first picture. Is that one of yours?


Oh so cute! :heart:

Thank you for helping the littles :heart:
I actually just sold a doll and may be able to send you a little to help. It wont be much but I will let you know on Wed or so. I don’t spend the money from sales until the customer has gotten the doll and are happy :slight_smile:

The little open mouth pic is my favorite :wink:


OH MY GOODNESS!! :heart_eyes: they are precious! So kind of you to take care of sweet little fur babies :slightly_smiling_face:


They are so cute!!!
Ill bet you are so tired. Poor babies, so sad that they lost their Mommy but its good to know there are people like you there to help. I love the little white one with the brown spot on the eye, reminds me of Petey from Little Rascals.


Very sad to hear the loss of mom, however there blessed with there foster mommy!! That really is a challenge! I foster as well and 1 dog is a handful!! The group I foster got covers all pet exspences while your fostering. Your don’t help you? For you That will definitely be a challenge to cover 3 pups.


@jeanhai yes! That’s my pizza! She was a rescue too. She loves puppies, as a matter of fact… I couldn’t do this without her. She helps clean them and keeps them warm. They are pitbull mix… on their paperwork it said pitbull/ hound. Haha
This is a small pitbull rescue and they help when they can but there are no funds at this time. Not even for medical… but I have been reaching out to other larger rescues to see if they can help. So far, everyone has said there are no funds available now. I could of said no, and they would of been put to sleep, as not many people want this expense and responsibility with out financial assistance. There were no other takers. This was my choice, and they are not responsible. I’ll make it work :grinning:
Yes! I’m tired but I’m happy. I live to care for babies, to me, it doesn’t matter what kind. :heart:
@jlesser you are so awesome. :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️ Thank you :heart:️ Congrats on the sale!!! :heart:️:heart:️


Thank you @Lil @Kwinker and @Naynay !!! I’ll post alot of pics! There’s not a lot to photo right now. They cry when I need to feed them, poop and sleep.
That’s about it!!! But I’m treasuring these moments because soon they will be maniacs. :grimacing::grinning::heart:️ This is the easy part… no sleep but a lot less poop!!! :paw_prints:


They are so cute! I’ll send a little money to your PayPal, if many people send a little, it adds up :blush:


Is the N in your email address supposed to be a capital? I want to make sure the money goes to the right place…


@Mommy2five Thank you so so. much! ! It works as a capital or a lower case :grinning:


Ok! Thanks, money is on its way!


They’re so beautiful and THANK YOU for taking them in! Seriously if everyone was as kind as you the world would be an amazing place. These little cutie butts may not be able to thank you now, but as they get bigger they will shower you with love for saving them :heart:


Good for you and those tiny angels. They are so precious! My daughter-in-law fosters home for 9 puppies and their mom who were rescued from CA and transferred to OR because CA shelters were full. Mom gave birth while they were transferred! So if any one in the aria of Bend/ Redmond, OR wants to have one, I’ll ask her for the pictures, and who left for adaption, and any other details that might need it.
One of you puppy looks greenish! Co cute!


That is so kind of you to help those little sweethearts!!!


Ha! Yes, she is green! There was a problem with the mother’s placenta. She will fade to white eventually!!! I dig the green though! Thank you @MilosMeadows and @katieperry :heart:️And thank you again @Mommy2five :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


So cute reminds me of sloths


I love these pics! I am a sucker for “Pound Pups” and rescue pups. My sweet Lola was a rescue. At the beginning of April I will have her 10 years. She was no baby when I got her and I realize she is getting on up there in years.

So, so happy that you took them in. I have the heart for it but not the physical needs to do it. Precious little fur babies. Bless you for helping them.


Very cute


5 days old :heart:️ And Doing great!!!