Fur baby thread!

I want to share!

Karly, my oldest

Lola, second oldest

Rosie and Dandy, the weenies

image image


Dandy, Rosie, and Poppy





Various shrimp and snails
image image image image image


My sweet girl, Gracie. She was a bull mastiff. She was the sweetest, kindest, gentlest dog I’ve ever met or had. She loved kids and guests, and she never barked at anyone. A total lovebug. She didnt know how big she was, she thought she was a lap dog. We had to put her down on New Years Eve, and I miss her everyday. She was 10 and a half years old. Here are some pictures of my sweet big girl.


My family came over last night late I was actually getting ready for bed but they surprised me with this little baby! :heart: I’ve been depressed since losing my cat and being my family they sent me some photos knowing good and well I wouldn’t put two and two together and ultimately got me my new baby! :heart: Her name is Lola.


There’s nothing like a dachshund!! What a sweet baby! I’m so excited for you! You’re in for an adventure.

He’s so handsome

Oh my gosh! Adorable!

So sorry :frowning:

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You’re making me want to set up a new aquarium!

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She’s adorable! We’ve got a long-haired dachshund and she’s very sweet and funny…not the easiest dog to train, but very sweet and very loving! She was about that size when I got her and had a pacifier too. Now she has almost the same toy as your puppy does and loves to squeak it!

She and her baby sister our Yorkie keep their eyes on things around here!


Thanks! I thought so too!


Love that you have a pup named Violet :heart_eyes:…also your bunnies (And all the other fur babies) are super adorable!

She’s a sweetheart. I named her Chanel originally but as soon as I had her for a week I was like nope she’s definitely a Violet. So then I had Rosie and Violet… so the rest of the little dogs I adopted after all have flower names. :joy: My big girls and Bunny are my odd ones out.

@2layz @Lillysdolls Oh doxies are just the best. So stubborn. So naughty. But they bond so strongly. I thought chihuahuas were “my” breed (and I still adore them, clearly) but after foster failing Rosie and fostering a few more and then adopting Dandy, I am just enamored with the breed in general.

Like, come on. What is this nonsense.


Such pretty fur babies!

How wonderful, congratulations on your new sweet baby :heart:

Those eyeballs are rediculously kind and sweet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You live in a zoo! LOL!

Congratulations! What a sweet surprise.

Bwahaha! Should have seen me when I lived on the farm and actually had room. For awhile I had a hog in my house. :joy:

To be fair only 5 of the dogs are still mine as my grandmother commandeered the two chihuahuas when her dogs passed. And two of them (Lola and Poppy) are staying with her until I get moved to Omaha hopefully this fall.

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My sons dog Finnegan. He stays here often enough, so he’s like my own, lol. He’s a schnoodle

My Barney :slight_smile: Handsome mini schnauzer

My daughters mini schnauzer, Baxter. He’s only half the size of Barney. They still live at home with us