Fur baby thread!


It seems we have a lot of animal lovers on the forum. There may be a thread like this already, but why not start another one?
Here we can post pictures and stories about our fur babies! I know I can talk all day about mine! Lol.
I rescue sick/hurt animals and then place them in foster homes when they are all better. We have a lot of animals come through our home. I love animals as much as babies :blush:.
Here are my babies. Charlie, Miko and Molly. They were all rescues that stole my heart and I adopted. :heart:


Charlie loves our reborn dolls. He will be heartbroken when Liam (April) is gone. Lol.

Charlie loves to hug and cuddle. :heart:


Our Mini Schnauzer, Barney…just 3 months old

He’s now 5 1/2. Can’t imagine our life without him. He’s MY dog, and will always choose to be with me over others :slight_smile:


Omg, I love him!! So cute!! All my animals are mamas babies too except for Molly. She adores Olivia! No one can hold her but Olivia.


Wonderful you are! There all lucky! I rescued my baby 7 yrs ago. He’s perfect for our family. I also foster for our local shelter. So far we’ve fostered 7 cats and 6 dogs over the last few years. 1 I absolutely regret not keeping. I added her picture. She was such a great dog!!


Love the photo with the hat, it’s perfect!!


Thank you! He hated the hat, but he’s such an “old soul” I thought it suited him


Those ears! LOVE!!


Charlie seems like a perfect therapy dog :dog::heart_eyes:
I lovve this thread! Good idea.


Barney looks quite dapper. I love Schnauzers. they have so much character


You have some lovely furbabies :heart_eyes::cat::dog:


This is Clover, my one and only.


I’ve already introduced my cat Sam but here he is again.
He was found in a dumpster in a tied bag at about 5wks old. Oh and in February = -20 celcius weather easily.


That’s one big pup! Adorable :black_heart:


I love that smushed face! He reminds me of my grandma’s cat when I was a child. :slightly_smiling_face:


He is such a beautiful cat.


I think he’s a non-pointed Himmie. Best cat ever though I constantly have to check my painting to make sure it’s not plastered with long cat hair :joy:


She’s adorable!


Beautiful cat! So glad he was rescued!


Is that a Cocka-poo???