Funny thing just happened!

I was trying to do some last minute touch-ups to Cozy (who isn’t rooted or put together) and then asked Cait to bring me Moby (one of my first dolls). Jinxie came over to investigate which she never does, then laid back down, and then came back and licked her on the face! Don’t know if she thinks it is real or if it is the mohair. She could be remembering the babies at the house she was at but she really didn’t come around Catherine. On the other hand, catherine was crawling and talking while the twins were only 4 months old. Just thought it was so funny that she liked Moby. My dog likes my babies more than my family!

That is funny. Dogs can be weird creatures.

aAww!! Maybe she thinks she is a real baby and gave her a kiss!

Sounds like that dog has found a perfect home!!! Hope he doesn’t ruin any of the babies…

Our son’s Pitt Bull…Chauncey …weighs 110 and is the sweetest, kindest, gentlest animal I have ever known. He is now 8 years old and has been thru the birth of a great grandson here and also has been the daddy of 8 little girls last year. OK that was important to lead in to the story.
I have doll parts everywhere. Heads on the side table by my rocker in stages of rooting, other body parts over on the dining table or on the work surface of my work cabinet that my husband made for me. I sometimes fall asleep at night while rooting a head and then will drop it which usually wakes me up. The other night I fell asleep while rooting and the head slipped off and rolled on the floor. I was instantly awake but hadn’t moved yet, but Chauncey and Chellios (his daughter) had. They were surrounding the head and whining. Finally Chauncey nuzzled Chellios and she came over to me and lifted her paw onto my knee to get my attention and then barked! then they both were whining. they didn’t stop until I picked up the head and put it back on the blanket on the table. Then they sighed and went back to sleep themselves. I was laughing so hard I woke my husband. He said he was glad they could distinguish between balls and heads! LOL they are obcessive about their play balls. But mama’s baby heads are worrisome in deed for htem!

Sounds like you have some smart pit bulls. Lucky for the heads.

They sound like wonderful dogs!

I bet it’s the mohair. I buy it buy the pound and I have caught my little yappy dogs would dig a nest in it if I let them.

They love to lick my mink trimmed boots too…

One of my cats likes the extra long white/blonde mohair I have. It used to be so nice and combed and all it’s 15 inches so straight. Now it is rumpled and knotty and needs to be brushed but I refuse to do it until I go to use it because Marmaduke will immediatey grab it and try to remove his “hunt”. LOL

I love the storie of how your animals react to the “babies”! Especially the dogs being worried about the head on the floor! Fortunately, Jinxie isn’t a chewer. She won’t even play with the couple of miniature dog toys that I got for her. Unlike Jonathan’s dog that eats everything…belts, shoes, clothes… Been helping him replace some of his clothes when we find something he likes and told him to keep his new stuff off the floor!