Funny morning


So maintenance came to fix our shower. I forgot I had baby in nuwave oven. He comes back out like — um :neutral_face: that’s one of the scariest things I’ve seen. I’m like huh— baby in the oven he says.
I’m apologizing all of a sudden bc I forgot the baby was even in the oven. I left her in to dry last Friday :woman_facepalming:
It’s a new normal for us so we walk right past it since it’s in our bathroom. Lol but afterwards was pretty funny :joy: bc he tells me how good they are at cooking actual food.


My husband always says if we had robbers come into our house they would leave faster than they came in. Lol that is a funny story. And in the bathroom. I would have looked to to see what you were cooking in a bathroom.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: I used to try and cover all my WIPs because I didn’t want people to think I was a crazy doll lady. I don’t even try to conceal them, anymore.:crazy_face:
I was painting Lavender’s hair a couple of weeks ago when the plumber came. He said, “Oh, I thought that was a real baby until I realized it didn’t have a body.” I was thinking, “So, you are OK with my painting hair on a real baby?”:hushed:


Lucky for you, he came out and told you. What if he had said nothing, then walked out the door and called 911? I can see it now…the po-po’s all dressed up in swat gear, quietly surrounding your house, while you’re sitting there stabbing a baby in the head while watching TV. Suddenly, the news guys break into Days of Our Lives with “breaking news, we are on the scene of a potential horrific event. Authorities believe the suspect inside the home may be torturing children in an alleged baby making business. Stay with us as we find out more…” :scream_cat:


@babymaw I really should put it somewhere else but ventilation is best there and if it’s anywhere else I’ll probably send people screaming :confused: @cajuncuties I used to put things away, but that was time consuming. Now I don’t but I forget what it must look like to other people lol. Maybe he thought you were doing decorative face painting but that should have been weird too.
@Katinafleming I’m so glad swat isn’t outside my door right now. That would have been terrible. Especially since he saw me feeding a real baby. Now that you mention it seems like a real life Hansel and gretal story😳


I didn’t even think of that when I had to call 911 very early Thursday morning (about 3 am) and there were a good many guys in here and only 1 lady. No one even mentioned the doll parts on the drying rack, and all the other stuff around – bodies, etc. I have to wonder now if they even noticed them and just didn’t say anything. :slight_smile: LOLOLOL That is just too funny! I am OK now – so don’t anyone be concerned, please. Just wanted to share about the doll parts. I don’t put mine up, either.


Come at your own risk. I barely want to clean, much less put things away that I’m going to pull right back out anyway, so deal. :grin:


OMG, That is too funny, and such a neat idea. I may need to steal that one. Heads on the bathroom door LOL. I should just get ready for Halloween and put together some type of wreath with spare parts on my door. Imay get to keep all the candy to myself HAHA.
BTW she is adorable and I love that headband.


I once told my friends I’m just gonna get a big toddler reborn and place it right opposite the front door. Perfect burglar repellent. :joy:


I love the headband also. I had to laugh the needle sticking out of the head was too funny. It’s funny seeing it at my house it doesn’t look our of place at all. I looked at yours and laugh.


@DollyPardon I love your drying rack!! Is it a regular baby bottle rack? If so, where can I gwt one!!!?


Thanks, @Ledbetterlittles. It is a regular bottle drying rack and I think I got it from Amazon.