Funky eyebrow woman strikes again but with the nose instead!


It must be because I have always wanted this Bejamin kit really badly by Sigmon Heck that it has been a travesty. I fixed the crack in the back of the mouth fine and I finally got a correct set of eyebrows on him. I did mess up his nose. I will never use kaboob screwers again to open noses because I think it is because my original hole I put in to insert the wooden kaboob screwers into, made the nose around the edge on each side, get a little crack. That ruins a face of a good doll having a crack inside the nose. I was sick with being really P-off at myself for trying to do things only a pro should do in my short time of reborning.
What I did was I mixed up some thickening medium of the same flesh color that I did for his face and filled the nostrils back up covering the cracks. After baking and near cool but when thickening medium was still a tad soft, I used the end of a paint brush and pressed it to indent it. I would have left it that way except that trying to paint and darken it like a nostril would not work. It looked funky like some of my eyebrows. So, what I did is that I took my time to work up the courage to drill the nose. I did it a little bit at a time praying as I went. I was a nervous wreck! My hand kept shaking and I would have to quit thinking I was going to ruin it worse. As you can see by the picture, I give thanks to the Lord for helping me drill all the way through on both sides! It looks really nice. The only thing is that up inside, I think I need to apply a little bit of paint, possibly mixed with a tiny bit of medium to smooth it out? I am wondering now that the nose has been opened with a drill, if I bake, is the nostrils going to collapse. I can put in kaboob screwers really easy now to hold it open but if I put them in, it will touch the paint that I want to apply. So, instead of just rushing ahead, would anybody have some advice. I am so happy with the drilled holes. I used my husbands battery run hand held dremmel to do them. Usually I use the dremmel on the heels of my feet to remove callouses. Works great. The bottoms of my feet are as nearly soft as a baby’s.
When this kit is done, it will be a true feat for me to have salvaged and saved it instead of complete ruin.
I was wondering if I applied air dry paint color inside the front of the nose would it work instead of baking it?


Girlfriend you will be a nervous wreck before all is said and done. The good part of everything is you are learning how to fix things that you may face in the future.

This little guy will be more special to you because you both have been through the wringer with him!


HEY LADIES, IT IS FIXED AND SMOOTHED OUT!! All I had to do was put it in the oven for a short bake with nothing but the wooden screwers in the nostrils and it smoothed it out nicely and I don’t even need to apply any paint!! Praise Jesus! I know that dolls to the Lord are not that important. Real babies are but he cares about everything thing we do. I thank him for this!


Girly, Robincarol took the words right out of my mouth. Good for you that you got it fixed. Mistakes are what makes us better…in my opinion.


Wow! Good for you for keeping your cool and fixing it. Also you completely sold me on the dremel tool. I’m getting one for my birthday!


Desma, glad you fixed the problem with his nose. Did you get him finished? Would love to see pictures of him all finished.
I was thinking about opening the nose on my baby I am doing at the moment but not been brave enough yet, I’ll get hubby to do it (then I can blame him if it goes wrong LOL!)


The Dreaded Dremel… at least that is how I now think of it. On another forum, an artist had done a beautiful job playing dentist with Stinker’s teeth, rounding them out for a more natural and realistic appearance. My husband has a dremel and I told him what I was considering. He warned me not to try it. So of course, I did. Obviously there is more to picking up any power tool and believing just because you THINK you can do it because someone else did and having a go at it. When I finished, and let me clarify, this includes the time spent when I THOUGHT I was going to be able to correct my multiple OOPS, Stinker looked liked he had eaten through a box of rocks. He was hideous. Hey, I love the standing legs and arms, so I felt I lost nothing. (stupid Stinker, stupid Dremel, stupid hubby for telling me NOT to!) LOL