Fun with My Sewing machine

I found a big bag of beautiful lace and ribbon at a thrift store and have been playing with my sewing machine:) I am not at all a seamstress but these are very cute to send babies home with as an extra:)
It is fun what a little lace can do to a simple onsie:)

Thank you to my adorable models!!


awww those are so cute and creative, how do you make them

That is so clever. May ask where you get those lovely jumpsuits from? They are really nice, I am looking for some special clothing for my keepers.

Very cuteI’ve got the materials to do this, but just haven’t taken the time~

Those are some great ideas!

Ludmilla, the onesies with birds are by Gerber and I get them at Walmart in Oklahoma. I think they cost $2.50 each and they sell knit pants to coordinate with them too. The other ones are Carters Brand.

Thanks Pia, they are cute. Gosh, that is cheap. here I am glad if I can get some for $10 - $15 in 1/2 price sales.

Yes they are super cute and at my Walmart they are actually $2!!!