Fun Contest Today on ROSE's Facebook Page!

Hey friends!

We are having a fun contest over on ROSE’s Facebook, you can see the details here:

The prize is a Kelsey Kit, which is not yet released. :slight_smile:

This contest ends tonight at 9:00 PM, though, so hurry over to ROSE’s Facebook for your chance to win!



How fun! Just posted my babes!

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I am trying to like as many of you as I can :star_struck: I posted…too many. Forgive me :pleading_face: At least if I win, I am going to reborn the kit and do a random drawing for a giveaway baby.


I liked all your posts and another name I recognized. Who else has posted?

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Just saw and posted a WIP photo doll I have for my nephew if I win I’ll donate to a foster kid for Christmas. As I love to donate to kids, or someone who can’t have kids etc. like I also sign so if I see someone signing and need help like at store I help and translate best I can also.

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I just posted the three of mine I’ve “done” lol Skya June and ever


I posted a few like donating like dolls and Forster kid donation etc

What a shame, it’s already over.