Full silicone baby, help please

I am now aware of that from you all and thanks because who knows what kind of mess I would have had, I have ordered the recommended CIRIUS paint this is for painting on the silicone babies, both the Tin and Platinum silicone so I will have to wait until this comes in, but I am up for the new project. I will be very careful in the future when purchasing dolls and as on the forum as you all are very knowledgeable and that is a great outlet for me as I started reborning for my Grand Daughter as she just loves her babies.

Thank you

Keep us posted on your wip pics. Even though its tin cure its still good to see how others paint. Problems you might come across please share and that goes for good results too :slight_smile:


Will do. Thank you

Does this kit feel like silicone? Besides the softness, does it feel much different to vinyl kits?

yes it does feel just like silicone, it sure had me fooled, I have purchase the hollow silicone limbs before and this is quite amazing feeling nothing like the vinyl kits have done before.

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