FULL round eyes in HALF round sockets?

Anyone ever manage to do this without breaking the eyes? And if so please share how you did it…THANKS IN ADVANCE!!

Why are you trying to do this?

Because that particular color does not come in 1/2 round and that is what the customer wants

Didnt I read here somewhere that you cut an X and then insert the eye and let the stick part on the back hang out between the Xs flaps ??? I dont know what type eyes your useing but if they are acrylic and not glass you can pull that back part right off most of the time !!!Poof a half round eye!!! Now if you are talking about real FLAT glass eyes -unless your sculpting I dont know why you would want those in a reborn

I just saw your last post and so yes they do come apart and I have only broke 1 pair and it was the 1st set I tried to take apart -I use a pair of forceps to hold the stiky outie part and twist and pull the eye -some times I have to use a sharp knife to break the glue seal in the center -just aim toward the bak side -Good luck!!!

I was just looking at my glass blown eyes I have here, and I don’t see how these could possible break apart to take the “tail” part off. I have used these several times in half sockets, and I just cut the back of the socket off and secure the eyes with E-6000. I’ve never had them break on me before.(knock-knock!)

Ah, I got you now. I was thinking just cut the socket backs off and glue them but the X might work great too.

Thank you all so much ladies!