Full Nursery & Custom Jamie


My nursery is full again! All these babies are for sale except for the little silicone that Tinky is holding. I love all of them so I don’t mind if they stay for awhile. Jamie (not in the group pic) went home on Monday and is a birthday gift for a little girl, he’s my first painted hair baby. And I have a big Joe on the way for another custom


They all look great! Good luck!


Your new baby-boy is so handsome and look so real! You did a great job on his painted hair!


I have Jamie in my stash as one of the many kit matches to my grandson Achilles. These Nana eyes could always she him in this kit. But I’ve had trouble finding a good comparison photo because most Jamie’s have hair. Your nearly bald Jamie with his dark eyes confirmed to me that this kit does indeed look like Achilles. :heart_eyes:


Yes, definitely!


Thanks everyone! @Katinafleming he definitely looks like your grandson! Such a precious baby that every doll looks like him lol