Full leg body on Eliza by Donna Rubert

Hi, I have recently bought the Eliza kit from Donna Rubert.

Although she is 3/4 limbs, I would prefer to put her on a full leg body. Im not sure if I should use side loading body or front loading?

Also if I want to make sure she stays at 22" would I buy a 22" body or larger when using the full leg body? Sorry if that’s a dumb question lol I’m not sure if it would matter as I’m changing it from the 3/4 leg.

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Seems to me if she is going on a full leg then I would go down a size in the body to make her legs appear proportional. Hopefully someone that has done it will come along and help you.

A 3/4 arm, non jointed full front loading leg body works well for her. Side loading won’t work. Her legs will stick straight out from the sides and look very unnatural.

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Thank you, that’s what I thought. Would it be a 22" body?

I’d use a 21-22 inch body, no larger.