Full arms that will not move up or down

I was wondering if anybody was able to figure out or improvise an idea to help arms be movable in some bodies. I finished a Ping Lau torso with legs attached. It is really nice. The upper cloth body can swivel side to side. The trouble is no matter what I do, attaching the arms, they will not move. If I make the cable ties loose enough to move the arms up and down, the arms just fall out. I even glued some fine glass beads to the crease in the arm to make it rough and give it some friction and still the arms will not move up and down. It is like I need something very slippery in the crease to the arms can move. Even using strings makes no difference. The head has no problem moving side to side but I don’t know why I cannot get it to work in the arms.

the best way I have found, is to gloss the groove in the limb with air dry gloss varnish… makes them more "slippery) so you can tighten the cable tie better and still have some movement


Thanks. At least I only fractioned one of the grooves in the arms. The other one still has very fine crystal beads. I’ll try that. Thanks.

Some people also use superglue in the grooves. Works quite nicely too, just make sure it dries well before you attach them. :rofl:

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I use alenes paper glaze.

kit rings may fit also?


I use rings.

I use it too. It dries super fast and stays very ‘slippery’.

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I use super glue, works very well.

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Try coating the grooves with super glue, make sure it’s really, really dry before reattaching the arms, it will let them ‘move’ very nicely. I use it all the time----Oh, be careful not to drip the glue on your baby, you can’t get it off.

I also use the super glue - I buy the one with the brush - it will help you glide it on much easier. Lynn is right - better make sure it dries really good. I learned that the hard way!