From Love To Hate To Love To Hate


I swear I’ve gone from loving the WIP to being so discouraged then back to loving the progress and back and forth again at least 5 or 6 times in a day for the past few days. It’s so weird how certain light and certain points in the paint process can make such a huge difference. I’ve already stripped the kits I’m working on once, and been tempted to strip multiple times since. But, instead, I just keep working and then end up being happy…until I switch lighting or compare to how much better they look in the photos compared to real life. I’ve never put this many layers on a kit before. lol


I’ve been there. I hope you end up loving the baby in the end lol What kit is it? Good luck


I’ve got Darren, who will be a memorial baby for my grandson who was born sleeping this past November and Ramsey.


I do this all the time. I try to resist stripping until the end or I know that something has gone so off the rails that it is FUBAR. There is only two babies that I declared FUBAR before finishing. Darren was one of the ones that I waited until he was finished and I ended up loving him.


I’m going through the same thing this weekend! I keep changing my strategy. I’m working on beesley the elf.


I have babies I hate in the day and love at night or hate at night and love in the day. Just keep painting, lol or throw it in the box like I do and paint another!


Lighting is very important when painting. I paint outside, natural lighting is the best. Or you can try sitting by a window where the natural light is coming in.


lol. I’m tempted to throw them in a box.


I think it’s pretty normal to have that happen, especially if you live in a place where the light outside changes. Where I live it’s different every day during the winter months. Some days darker and more gray, and others lighter and brighter, and some days the sun breaks through the snow clouds a bit. A baby’s colors can look great one day and the next not so much due to light changes. I think the warmer the light, the more accurate you see the colors. I sometimes check my babies’ layers under the Ott light when the day is really gray.


I am so sorry about your grandson, Pam.
If you can, my recommendation is to invest in an OTT light/lamp of some kind. JoAnn’s carries them, they have small table top one all the way to floor lamps. I was lucky to find mine on Amazon a few years ago and thank goodness for it. I can now paint anytime (day or night) without the worry of perfect lighting. Here is one like I purchased (this is from the Ott company)
JoAnn’s is having a sale of 40% off Ott lighting:
Or just go with the table lamp
I would of started with this but didn’t realize they made table lamps–my bad.
As long as you have a true Ott bulb it will make painting, even rooting so much easier.


Thank you! :two_hearts: