From boxes and bags to drawers and bins

Today my sister and I FINALLY graduated from keeping all our supplies in boxes and bags to putting them in storage drawers and bins!!!

We went to WalMart today and bought one set of drawers and 6 bins. The set of drawers is for our painting supplies. We have one bin for out kits (it is CLEAR plastic. There is NO coloring on it). One bin for baby acessories (blankets, bottles, pacifiers, etc.). The other 4 bins are for clothing (One for preemie and newborn sizes, Two for 0-3 month old and one for 6+ months).

When we got home we transfered what we could. We found out that we need more bins. We will go back to WalMart sometime next week.

Ok -I truelly have an illness -there is no way I could even begin to fit my stuff in that !!! I have 2- 6 drawer sets 2 dressers 4 storage bins 2 diaper stackers and 2 boxes -and thats just baby clothes !!!Can we say horder???LOL

You girls have inspired me. I really need to do something as well. I don’t work on my babies as often as I’d like because it’s such a pain to put it all out on the dinning table and then back into my “box” before a meal. I’m going to start working on organizing my doll stuff into bins and then making myself a place to paint that’s NOT on the dinning table.

Congrats on getting organized!! Doesn’t it feel great?!