Free Animal doll


While doing inventory and cleaning my craft room, I found these 3 cute animal dolls that I will never use. So if anyone is interested in these they are free, just pay the shipping.


sorry the pics came out sideways and up side down.


I would take the bunny and one cat please

#4 is my paypal shipping address will be Blain , WA


Do you have any more? You know we need one!! :heartpulse::heartpulse::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


one cat is yours end me your paypal for shipping


Thank you, you got them.


Yay! Thank you!! Miss Kitty needs a kitty!! Lol


is an envelope okay for you it is the cheapest


is an envelope okay? it is the cheapest.


Yeah I don’t care :slight_smile:


I am listing a few things now if you are interested, will post soon


Yes , please


Any left??


So sorry all gone


Darn I was too slow :joy:


Freebies go fast


I received two from her . I wanted to donate one but if you need it for your kid let me know .same rule you have to pay for the shipping .