Frankie Photoshoot


Bought this kit as a challenge and looked like a girl to me when I finished it. Still trying to get the hang of micro-rooting. Hair is a little sparse. Cc is always welcomed! Hope you all like it! :slightly_smiling_face:




One of the best Frankies that I have seen. Great job!!


So cute! Frankie has the cutest feet!


You did good . I didn’t liked at all my Frankie …but yours is cute .


Thank you so much for your kind words ladies :blush: and I always love painting feet and definitely love Frankie’s too!


He was probably cute. We can be harsh on ourselves. Frankie’s face is definitely a challenge.


Very cute! Definitely a girl!


Wow amazing job on the hair and she is gorgeous


Thank you :blush:




Oh wow, gorgeous job!!! You’re doing very well with the rooting - the hardest part is making the crown swirl just right. This bubba has a very gentle look <3


Thank you so much!!! I’ll get that swirl down one way or another lol😊