Found someone to do my request! Nevermind

Found someone! But if it goes well, might do it again next year🙂

Anybody up for a challenge this Christmas season?
I would like to buy myself a baby for a Christmas present and looking for an artist to paint him/her for me. Here’s the fun part…

You will get almost full creative freedom. I have a list of 10 kits that I love. I will give the artist the list and they will choose a kit off the list. Everything will be kept a surprise from me until I open the baby Christmas morning. Here are the only terms…

  1. Must be High quality paint and high quality ROOTED hair.
  2. Must keep everything a surprise until Christmas
  3. I must receive the baby before Christmas because I will be opening it on Christmas morning with my family.
  4. Must have a large box opening
  5. Must keep it within $1300 CAD (baby, shipping, box opening, everything)
  6. Must choose a kit off my list

That’s it! Everything else will be up to you!

If this sounds like something you would like to do or if you know someone that would, please post pictures of your previous rooted babies and when you would need to start by to have it finished in time (I know everyone works at different speeds and may have prior commitments)

P.S I am in Canada. I am open to getting the baby from anywhere, but the price including shipping must cost no more than $1300 CAD

This is my kit list…

Bettie by Adrie Stoete
Cameron by Laura Tuzio Ross
Colin by Lucie Boiron
Denver Rose by Marita Winters
Maxi by Sigrid Bock
Mayla by Sabrina Hergarten
Meadow by Andrea Arcello
Ollie by Adrie Stoete
Romy by Gudrun Legler
Rosalie by Olga Auer


Seeing the list would be helpful for people to make a decision if they want to participate or not, or even provide the pictures of their work to you.

Edited to add kit list :slightly_smiling_face:

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Aww I thought you were going to Host a Christmas Challenge for the Forum. :upside_down_face:


Sorry! I would but I have no idea how. If someone wants to start one though I will participate!!

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Lol, me too!

That’s what I thought, too.

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Renamed the post to save the confusion lol

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@morgan123 , please consider custom fees as well. years ago it was hit and miss, but since covid we had to pay customs for every parcel coming from another country. I am in Vancouver BC

Glad you found someone! Can’t wait to see.