Found on facebook


Found this on Facebook. It kinda made me frustrated at first but then I decided to just explain.

Here is what I said


Yes, but it was $40 at the SALVATION ARMY. So that’s quite a bit of money for a thrift store to charge. Doesn’t look like a very good ‘reborn’ to me though. Seems weird that someone would put it in the thrift store pile if it really was a reborn, unless someone discarded it without knowing what it was?? (if it is)


The hair reminds me of an older Ashton Drake baby but I don’t recall any full bodied ones. I would love to have found it and tried to “reborn” it.


To me, it looks like Cameron by Sheila Michaels.


I think that is an Ashton Drake Little Grace, could be wrong but it’s who she looks like to me and worth the $40.


Pretty sure it’s a knock off Cameron by Shiela Michael’s. Not entirely sure but the painting and rooting look like they’re factory done. This is Cameron not my pic


I thought Sheila michaels Chinese knock off.


It would be fun to find a Reborn in a Thrift Store.


That’s definitely one of those Chinese knockoffs.


When I moved I donated a reborn to the thrift store. It was Logan and I HATED how he turned out and couldn’t stand looking at him. Lol! I didn’t want to sell him with my reborn name attached to him so I put him in the donate pile.


And I’ll bet somebody found and loves him.


All I could think was “I would totally buy it for 40 bucks and reborn the bejeezus out of it” it would be totally fun! Then I thought why does that baby have lady boobs…Then, what kind of person photographs dolls at salvation army and posts on FB? I would have totally photographed a really cool album cover and an awesome furry coat.

I have an odd sense of humor.


I almost did the same thing but with a boo-boo baby I purchased online for next to nothing. The poor little Punkin doll was quite scary to behold and was probably someone’s very first attempt. I didn’t have the heart to do it, though, as I knew someone had tried so hard to make her come to life. I ended up trying to see if I could redo her myself, and now I’m on here learning!


Its actually a group I’m in called “Weird second hand finds that just need to be shared”


I wouldn’t mind trying to redo a boo boo baby, sounds fun!


I found brand a 2 pack of brand new onsies with tags on them for $1 and brand new 4 pack of baby socks in there package at a thrift store for 25 cents today for the reborn I am making. I have not started yet because I am still waiting on my paints to arrive.