Found 2 scarlets on ebay … 35bfbb69f8 … 416ab9835c
still not sure of this little one

— Begin quote from “mybabygirlsky” … 416ab9835c
still not sure of this little one

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Both are very cute, but I think I like the one with the painted hair best. I get what you mean about not being sure about this kit. I dont know how I feel about her either. Shes not a face I would love, but I dont think shes ugly either. She just doesnt have a sweet look to her lol

im not crazy about her eyes

I actually like these versions. Her lips seem pursed tightly almost like Libby’s, and her expression is very solemn but I still think she has her own appeal. Thanks for sharing!

I don’t like the prototype version of her at all, and I still dont like her. Her limbs are nice but I don’t care for her face. Thanks for sharing it’s always fun to see new versions

i agree it is nice to see other versions

She is a lil cranky looking- I’m baking mine at the moment- I have to say she s unique though. I like the Ebay ones

I will have to see a few more to make up my mind for sure on this one!!

She has a very serious grump happening and I love it. She is full of expression! Her details are really nice. This is definitely one I will be considering to add to my cart when I get dolly dollars together!

i like both of these better than the prototype.